Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps companies like yours map out and optimize their entire value chain. From planning to production, from inventory management to logistics.

Collaborate better

Make downtime a thing of the past

Get ready for the future

AI and automation

Improve your time to market

What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management bring your resources under your control. So, you can enjoy increased operational efficiency and more satisfied customers. This ERP solution allows you to build a state-of-the-art supply chain and gain more insight into the total performance of your value chain.

But this system offers more than just insights: by combining your insights with the smart AI and automation capabilities of Dynamics 365, you can optimize your value chain significantly. Improve your fulfilment, sourcing, and logistics, from streamlining your production and planning to managing your inventory, storage, and logistics.

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Seamless integration

Dynamics 365 Finance integrates seamlessly with other Dynamics 365 products such as Supply Chain Management, as well as other Microsoft products such as Teams, Outlook, and Excel. You can also add in apps and tools from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). But it doesn’t stop there: the Power Platform allows you to connect to proprietary apps or tools.

And one external tool that makes the system even easier to use is Extended Banking. This allows you to automatically process digital bank statements within the familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance environment. So, you can save considerable time, reduce errors, and help your employees work more efficiently.

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Why Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management gives you the complete picture of your value chain.
Find out how you can optimize your processes.

Collaborate better

With Dynamics 365, everyone in your organization has access to the same source of data. This not only increases your control over your value chain, it also improves collaboration between the different departments. And as a bonus, you can easily set which individual users can see what information.

Make downtime a thing of the past

When your production process stop working, that costs you money. But IoT Intelligence identifies potential hardware problems before they even occur, reducing downtime to a minimum and thereby increasing your product quality and preventing waste.

Get ready for the future

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is not just a tool for today. By simply expanding and linking Dynamics 365 with ISV apps and tools, you can easily grow Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management along with your organization without any problems – however big your ambitions are!

Work smarter with AI and automation

You can improve your processes even further with AI applications that help you predict future production, delivery, and quality. By automating your business processes, you can prevent waste and work more efficiently. This delivers higher quality and higher customer satisfaction.

Improve your time to market

Continually streamlining and optimizing your business processes with the help of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’s built-in AI leads to faster development and, in turn, a shorter time to market.

Discover the possibilities of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

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