Streamline your business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization

Optimize your business processes and analyse your data effectively: easily link data from different platforms and systems yourself using the Power Platform tools

Transform your business processes the easy way using Power Platform

If you’re looking to optimize your business processes and improve the efficiency of your employees, Microsoft Power Platform can help you achieve exactly that. This powerful suite consists of five tools, each of which can be used separately from the others. By linking these tools to Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, and other systems and Microsoft solutions, you can easily analyse data from your ERP system, automate processes, or even build apps, websites, and chatbots yourself.

The main advantage is that Power Platform is a low-code/no-code solution, meaning users can create applications, analyse, and automate without needing any in-depth programming knowledge. As a result, Power Platform is accessible to everyone and extremely easy to use. And that leaves you less dependent on external parties and your IT department, allowing the latter to turn its focus to other tasks instead. In other words: you’re not just saving time, you’re saving money too.

Transform your ideas into powerful solutions

By linking together data from different platforms and systems — including non-Microsoft modules — powerful solutions become available to your organization. Find out more about the differtent tools:

Power Apps en ERP Dynamics 365 Finance en Supply Chain Management

Access information anytime, anywhere using self-built apps

With Power Apps, you can easily build apps for desktop, tablet, or mobile yourself. Using these apps, you can make sure that your employees can access the information they need for their daily activities anytime. Consider, for example, an app for stock management or processing returns.

Power Automate en ERP Dynamics 365 Finance en Supply Chain Management

Easily automate processes that are currently still done by hand

With Power Automate,  you can easily create tasks and workflows that you can manage between apps, services, and systems. That way, you can automate processes that are currently still done by hand in a really straightforward way. Consider, for example, the automation of billing processes or automaticly sending payment reminders.

Power BI

Analyse and visualize data from different sources

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that enables you to analyse and visualize important data from different sources. Via an intuitive interface, you instantly gain clear insight into complex business data, allowing you to take confident and informed decisions. Think of financial reports and the analysis thereof that is based on the information from Dynamics 365 Finance. Tracking KPIs via a Power BI dashboard is also possible.

Power Virtual Agentens en ERP Dynamics 365 Finance en Supply Chain Management

Have a chatbot answer questions

With Power Virtual Agents, you can create an intelligent chatbot yourself that is able to communicate with customers and employees. That way, you can answer frequently asked questions 24/7, without your customers having to wait for an employee to become available. You can also get your chatbot to perform specific tasks. For example, answering specific questions about invoicing or managing budgets.

Power Pages en ERP Dynamics 365 Finance en Supply Chain Management

Share essential information via a website you’ve built yourself

Met Power Pages oyou can easily design and build secure websites without needing any in-depth coding knowledge. That way, you can easily optimize your website and share essential information. For example, sharing financial reports or policy information. Or publishing training courses and manuals related to your ERP system.

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The added value for your ERP system

At Focus Enterprise Solutions, we understand the challenges businesses face in modernizing their business processes. Power Platform offers a solution to help further automate and optimize these processes. This prevents customization for your ERP solution and instead of that you have a solid foundation and best of breed where it is needed.

Our employees possess the necessary know-how and expertise to help businesses get up and running in building the right Power Platform solution for them. We have built business applications and optimized processes in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management for a range of clients.

Discover what’s possible with Power Platform

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner who can help you build solutions using Power Platform, or if you would simply like to know what’s possible in your specific situation, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re here to help, and we’re happy to explore how we can optimize your business processes together.

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