Dynamics 365 Finance will help your organization get fit for the future and automate all your financial operations – whether you operate exclusively in the Netherlands or do business worldwide. Then you can look forward to lower costs and lower financial risks. Dynamics 365 Finance logically brings together finance, sales, and business operations in once place, so your various departments can work together seamlessly.

Dynamics 365 Finance

Efficient processes

Obtain insights into performance and finance

Real-time inzicht dankzij Dynamics 365 Finance

Real-time insights

AI en Dynamics 365 Finance

Predict the future with AI


What is Dynamics 365 Finance?

Looking to automate financial processes such as invoicing and processing and paying supplier invoices? Then you need an ERP system you can depend on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance will give your organization more control over your finances.

With its reliable features, you can increase employee productivity and maximize financial performance, with features such as:

  • accounting
  • forecasting
  • managing accounts payable and receivable
  • budgeting
  • financial reports.

What’s more, you can create innovative new business processes, restructure them, or grow them faster without running into any obstacles. Dynamics 365 Finance also delivers the right insights. By cleverly using sophisticated analytics applications and combining them with AI when needed, you can easily predict future results: what will your cash flow be in the near future, when debtors are likely to pay, the list goes on. This is useful for the current period, but also when drafting intelligent budgets.

At Focus Enterprise Solutions, we leverage our experience and expertise in Dynamics 365 implementation to proactively help your organization go further. Want to find out how? Please get in touch with us.

“With Dynamics 365 Finance, we have the digital technology to support growth in a manageable and sustainable way.”

Titus Hientzsch – IT Manager at ATC Aviation Services

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Seamless integration

Dynamics 365 Finance integrates seamlessly with other Dynamics 365 products such as Supply Chain Management, as well as other Microsoft products such as Teams, Outlook, and Excel. You can also add in apps and tools from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). But it doesn’t stop there: the Power Platform allows you to connect to proprietary apps or tools.

And one external tool that makes the system even easier to use is Extended Banking. This allows you to automatically process digital bank statements within the familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance environment. So, you can save considerable time, reduce errors, and help your employees work more efficiently.

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Why Dynamics 365 Finance?

Dynamics 365 Finance goes far beyond traditional ERP systems. You get an end-to-end financial ERP system that links the most important processes within your company and allows your departments to collaborate.

Dynamics 365 Finance

Boost process efficiency

Dynamics 365 Finance geeft je de mogelijkheid om financiële werkzaamheden zoals facturatie, verwerking, betaling van inkomende facturen of debiteurenbeheer te automatiseren. Dat verhoogt niet alleen de productiviteit van gebruikers, je verlaagt tegelijkertijd de kosten en reduceert de financiële complexiteit en risico’s.

Real-time inzicht dankzij Dynamics 365 Finance

Get data delivered in real time

By using smart, built-in analytics applications, managers enjoy 360⁰ visibility of all operational units in real time, at any time. Different views provide the insights and data relevant at that particular moment.

Future-proof your business

Dynamics 365 Finance is not just a tool for today. By simply expanding and linking Dynamics 365 with ISV apps and tools, you can easily grow Dynamics 365 Finance along with your organization – whatever your ambitions are!

Obtain insights into performance and finance

Combine different CRM and ERP solutions into a single data source with Dynamics 365. This makes the work of your financial professionals considerably more transparent. By merging your processes, you gain an overview of your organization’s performance and financial status. Endless discussions about the figures are a thing of the past.

AI en Dynamics 365 Finance

Predict the future with AI

AI helps you predict future events and results. So, you can see when your debtors are likely to pay and whether your cash flow will be maintained in the coming period. Dynamics 365 Finance’s built-in AI also helps you put together intelligent budget proposals based on your organization’s historical data.

Discover the possibilities of Dynamics 365 Finance

Do you want to make your organization more agile and future-proof? Are you ready to optimize your processes by automating them intelligently? Talk to us, and together we’ll look at the benefits and possibilities that Dynamics 365 Finance can bring to your organization

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