More and more organizations are discovering the cloud. Working in the cloud is rapidly becoming the new normal, a development that has been given a major boost by the corona pandemic. But what is involved in a migration and what do you have to take into account if you want to migrate to the cloud?

E-book: Migration to the cloud

More and more organizations are discovering the cloud. Faster than ever, organizations need to enable remote working, save costs and secure their own continuity. The cloud is the answer to these challenges. But there are more advantages such as scalability.

In this e-book you can read all about migrating to the cloud. We’ll show you what’s involved and why concerns that some organizations still have are largely unjustified. In addition, you can read more about the 4-step plan for cloud migration from Focus Enterprise Solutions.

In this e-book you can read more about:

  • Cloud Migration: Why and How
  • What do organizations look up to (and why is that often unjustified)
  • What is involved in migrating to the cloud?
  • The 4-step plan of Focus Enterprise Solutions

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