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In his earlier blog, Bob van Balen our Service Delivery Manager, discussed the benefits of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) and what you can expect from it. In this blog he discusses how he contributes to a service-oriented organization in his role as Service Delivery Manager.

Keep talking to each other

“As Service Delivery Manager, I am responsible for the contract negotiations and safeguarding the agreements made.”, Bob says.  “Together with the customer, I draw up the SLA and ensure that my colleagues  are informed about the agreements made.

As mentioned in my previous blog, it may end up being different than expected. For example, as soon as there are questions about support agreements or something from the operation needs extra attention, customers often come to me first. But those aren’t the only touchpoints I have with customers. To ensure that we deliver what the customer expects from us and to stay involved in what is going on with the customer. I have regular contact with our customers. Both on an operational, tactical and strategic level.

In the monthly operational consultation and the tactical consultation, I am the driving force, so I take care of the agenda, preparation, planning and minutes. In addition, I ensure that the right people are present at the meeting. Together with our Operations Manager, I then ensure that our CEO is fully informed about the current state of affairs at the customer.

This governance ensures that we continuously keep in touch with each other and that everyone remains well informed about the latest state of affairs in the field of our cooperation.

Service-oriented by optimizing and streamlining processes

“I am rather service-oriented and have been working in the ERP world for fifteen years now and I like to optimize and streamline processes, to ensure that a customer gets what has been agreed. I get energy when everything runs smoothly and the customer indicates that he is satisfied with our support. And if not, I will do everything in my power to ensure that this is resolved and it remains an incident. 

Moreover, all our employees have a service-oriented attitude. In addition, they all have a lot of knowledge and experience. Although the focus of our services is on Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, we also have a lot of knowledge of AX2012 and AX2009. In addition, we also have more and more knowledge and expertise about the Power Platform and Azure in-house.  So there is a lot of seniority in our organization in the field of ERP and support. This ensures that we can support our customers with the most diverse issues. 

Focus Enterprise Solutions is a relatively small organization with short lines of communication, especially if you compare us with other ERP partners. The project staff gain a lot of customer knowledge during the implementation.  They transfer this knowledge to the support department in a timely and systematic manner, even before the customer goes to management. Although they stay in touch with  the support department when there are complex customer-specific support issues.

The size of our company, the strong customer focus, service-oriented attitude and the short lines within Focus Enterprise Solutions do not only appeal to our customers: professionals who like a broad responsibility and therefore aspire to a varied range of tasks are also attracted to Focus Enterprise Solutions. We are therefore increasingly able to bind the right professionals to us and that helps us to realize the time reservation for each customer and to gain more and more knowledge,” he concludes.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that Focus Enterprise Solutions offers your organization in the field of support? Or are you looking for a partner for the implementation of the ERP system Dynamics 365 Finance Please feel free to contact us!

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