Why should I switch to the Dynamics 365 Finance ERP system?

Overstappen naar Dynamics 365 Finance

For years, AX was a well-known name as an ERP system. But starting next year, Microsoft will stop delivering fixes for AX2012 and will no longer release security updates and bug fixes. Do you still use AX? Or do you now work with a different ERP system and do you want to make the switch to Dynamics 365 Finance? In a series of blogs we tell you more about the possibilities.

In our previous blog we wrote that Microsoft is stopping AX and what the possibilities are for you. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits and reasons for a switch to Dynamics 365 Finance.

End of support AX

We already started this blog with it: Microsoft stops with security updates and bug fixes for AX. This can have major consequences and challenges for your business operations. By choosing Dynamics 365 Finance you choose the successor of AX and you are assured of a future-proof system and support.

Make it easier for yourself

Microsoft has not been idle and has developed its ERP solution considerably.  For example, more and more functions are becoming standard, so you no longer have to use special add-ons or customization.In addition, you can make optimal use of the platform that Microsoft offers. Think of an integration with CRM, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office365), the Power Platform, Azure and Teams. Most likely you already use one or more of these products. By integrating these with your ERP system, you make optimal use of all possibilities.

Another big advantage of the cloud: employees can always – and without a VPN – collaborate independently on any desired device. A big advantage, especially because since the corona crisis employees increasingly want to work from home or other locations.

Always up-to-date

Microsoft uses the one version model for Dynamics 365. There are eight updates per year, but you don’t have to install them all immediately.  But if you do opt for an update, you immediately use new functionalities and you can also be sure thatyour security is in order.

Easier testing – save time

In the past, companies spent a lot of time on regression tests. In Dynamics 365 you can go through the testing process much faster and almost completely automated. In addition, at Focus Enterprise Solutions we offer SURA (Service Update Release Assistance). With this we take even more work off your hands. Want to know more about SURA? Click here for the possibilities.

Security and compliance

Microsoft is committed to preventing data leaks or hacking by cybercriminals. Consider, for example, multifactor authentication in addition to the privileges defined in the Azure Active Directory. But also compliance: Microsoft meets all the requirements set by the GDPR for the storage of data. So you don’t have to worry about that when you use Dynamics 365 Finance.

Cost savings

By using this ERP cloud solution you ensure a grip on the costs. Each license is based on pay-per-use. So you only pay for what you actually need.

Step to the Cloud with a discount

These are just a few benefits and reasons to make the switch. Do you want to switch to Dynamics 365 Finance or do you first want to exchange ideas about the possibilities? In addition, Microsoft currently offers a nice discount for an active engagement plan for the on-premises license.  This makes it even more attractive to make the transition from on-premise to the Cloud.  Want to know more about this? Please contact us.

But what if your organization has decided to stay on AX for the time being? Continuing to work with AX is possible, but will bring challenges. That is why a good partner who can help you with these challenges is important. At Focus Enterprise Solutions you are at the right place. The consultants of our Managed Applications department have a very broad and deep AX knowledge and so we can support you on a technical and functional level. Also after 10 January 2023. Do you want to know more about this? Please contact Tjitse as well.

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