A modern company can no longer do without a good ERP system. ERPs can do more than ever and there are many possibilities. How do you select the right ERP system and what to look out for when choosing the best ERP system for your organization.

Although ERP systems have been around for a while, the technology behind them has come a long way in recent years. ERPs can do more than ever before, offering an increasingly versatile range of functions that support optimal collaboration, communication, and process integration.

Do you still work with an old ERP system, which can only do a fraction of what the new, current ERP systems can do? It is certainly interesting to look at a new system. But what should you pay attention to when selecting a new ERP? In this e-book we will tell you more about it. Download it now for free and without obligation.

In this e-book you read more about:

  • What options do you have?
  • Why and when should you replace your current ERP?
  • What requirements does an ERP need to meet?
  • What does it cost?
  • Action plan, change management, and process change

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